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Loading Dock Equipment Specifications

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Welcome to Chalfant Dock Equipment reference center where we provide a wide range of loading dock equipment reference material and technical data for all of our products and solutions. The three product sections includes brochures/cut sheets related to dock products, product specifications, owner's manuals and more. We hope you find the content useful and informative.

Dock Seals & Shelters Specifications

Loading Dock Seals
Chalfant is the industry leader in producing top-quality loading dock seals, offering the right loading dock specifications that meet your application needs. Our loading dock seals are designed to improve energy conservation, enhance security, preserve temperatures for optimum safety, protect contents of the dock from outside contaminants, and reduce costs. We offer a broad range of products that are suitable for all door shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for an efficient way to reduce energy costs or want to keep the elements from affecting the merchandise in your loading dock, the Chalfant dock seals series comprise of top-notch products that provide high efficiency and remarkable durability for different dock applications.

Loading Dock Shelters
Want to keep your loading dock energy efficient, dry, and safe? The Chalfant dock shelter line comprises of products with precise loading dock specifications that can seamlessly cater to your specific needs. Servicing a variety of dock types and sizes, our loading dock shelters are made from ultra-durable materials capable of providing reliable performance for years to come. Our team understands the importance of getting a perfect fit around all dock sides – that’s why we design dock shelters to provide a consistent, tight seal at the corners, across the top, and all the way to the sides. With our cutting-edge loading dock shelter solutions, you can benefit from our products that provide optimum efficiency and durability for a wide range of dock applications.

Dock Levelers Specifications

Loading Dock Levelers
Chalfant has been manufacturing top-of-the-line loading dock levelers for many years in the United States. Our dock levelers have been proven to be some of the most reliable and strongest products on the market, ensuring efficient and smooth loading process. Our products bring a new level of security and safety to your docks, and have the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing systems. You can activate Chalfant dock levelers both manually and automatically, and are available in hydraulic, edge-of-dock, or mechanical options. Each type of deck levelers is designed to provide excellent performance and can be made to effectively meet your loading dock specifications.

Dock Safety Specifications

Loading Dock Truck Restraints
Improperly secured trucks and other vehicles are one of the leading causes of loading dock accidents that bear serious consequences. However, these accidents can be easily prevented with the application of loading dock truck restraints. With a complete line of top-notch Chalfant truck restraints to choose from, we help you make unloading and loading merchandise on different trucks and vehicles a breeze, while making the entire process safer for your workforce. Our loading dock truck restraints are manufactured to match your loading dock specifications, ensuring high performance and dramatically decreasing the probability of any truck accidents.

Dock Accessories Specifications

Dock Lights
Brochure | PDF | 2.2 MB

At Chalfant finding the right dock enclosure for your application just got easier. Whether its a dock seal, hybrid dock seal, flexible dock shelter, rigid dock shelter or or rail shelter, we can help guide you in making the right selection for your application.

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Chalfant dock levelers and edge-of-docks are made of tough diamond tread plate design that assures a non-slip surface for greater safety and stops that lock the board firmly in place, for easy loading. Find out which "tough dock leveler" is the right choice for your application.

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Whether you seek an automatic or manual style truck restraint, Chalfant can help you choose the best truck restraint that will exceed your application demands and provide lowest cost of ownership. With Chalfant we can help you keep your dock safe for years to come.

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Chalfant Dock Equipment

Proper Loading Dock Equipment Selection
Contact us today for help you with proper loading dock equipment selection for your loading dock equipment application. We can help you in properly select and specify dock seals, dock shelters, rail shelters, dock levelers; hydraulic dock levelers and mechanical dock levelers, truck restraints, and your loading dock equipment needs, to meet your unique needs.