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Dock Seal Options

Chalfant Dock Seal Options
The best way to get started is to focus on the dock area first, predominantly because the loading docks are the most important area of any distribution center (be it a warehouse or retail store). This is where the material handling, loading and unloading takes place.

As this is the most important and busiest part of the facility that comes into play from the beginning till the end of the material handling cycle, it is vital to ensure that the loading dock is built for performance, energy-efficient, and meets safety standards to minimize the risk of hazardous injuries at the dock.

For this, it is important to invest in high quality loading dock equipment. And this is where we come into the picture!

At Chalfant Sewing Fabricators Inc, we provide facility owners with premium loading dock equipment at affordable prices, backed by award-winning customer support. Operating in the industry for more than 77 years, we have been offering high-quality, cost-effective and durable dock equipment for three generations now, and we aspire to do the same for more generations to come.

option bevel pads

Beveled Head or Side Pads Options

Beveled head or side pads run the entire length of the pad. Their purpose is to close a door opening down to accommodate a wider variety of truck sizes, particularly smaller sized trucks.

option tapered seals

Tapered Dock Seals Option

Provide maximum closure efficiency when the dock approach is inclined or declined to the dock. Tapered pad construction assures firm contact throughout entire pad with truck. Reducing chance of over-compression and wear at the top or bottom of the dock seal.

head pad options

Head Pad Height Options

Larger head pads may be ordered on any dock seal to adapt it to a broader range of truck heights. 18", 24" and 30" head pad options are available for models with fixed pads (12" is standard). 24" and 30" head pad options are available for models with adjustable head pads (18" is standard).

Special header options

Special Headers Option

The vertical side pad of a curtain-style dock seal is normally 10'0" or the full height of the door. The head curtain is affixed at the rear of the unit, covers the top and drops down the face. The front drop is generally to 24", however, they are available from 12" up to 60" depending on the type of trailer you are sealing and door height.

side reinforcement options

Vertical Side Pad Reinforcement

Recommended when vertical side pads are subject to high abrasion or rubbing by through traffic. Standard 48" and 96" height. Materials: 40 oz vinyl coated nylon in standard color selection. 20 oz hypalon coated nylon in standard color selection. 40 oz neoprene coated nylon, black only.

drop curtain options

Drop Curtain Option

To assist in sealing low trucks, this header has a "flap" secured to the bottom front edge of the head pad front edge. The flap can be snapped up and under to the back bottom edge of the head pad when not in use(velcro snap-up). The drop curtain is available in all fabrics. Curtain drop may vary from 6" to 24".

metal backing option

Metal Backing Options

Metal backing option, available on side pad and/or head pad. 14 gauge galvanized backing in place of standard wood backing.

recover option

Recover Kits

Save money by recovering your dock seal/shelter by using the existing foam pads or basic dock shelter structure. Recovering can add up to major savings compared to complete replacement.

Bottom Pads and Bumpers with Wood Backing Options

bottom pad options

At Chalfant finding the right dock enclosure for your application just got easier. Whether its a dock seal, hybrid dock seal, flexible dock shelter, rigid dock shelter or or rail shelter, we can help guide you in making the right selection for your application.

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Chalfant dock levelers and edge-of-docks are made of tough diamond tread plate design that assures a non-slip surface for greater safety and stops that lock the board firmly in place, for easy loading. Find out which "tough dock leveler" is the right choice for your application.

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Whether you seek an automatic or manual style truck restraint, Chalfant can help you choose the best truck restraint that will exceed your application demands and provide lowest cost of ownership. With Chalfant we can help you keep your dock safe for years to come.

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Chalfant Dock Equipment

Proper Loading Dock Equipment Selection
Contact us today for help you with proper loading dock equipment selection for your loading dock equipment application. We can help you in properly select and specify dock seals, dock shelters, rail shelters, dock levelers; hydraulic dock levelers and mechanical dock levelers, truck restraints, and your loading dock equipment needs, to meet your unique needs.